The Washington Housing Collaborative currently is responsible for evaluating the performance of existing programs aimed at reducing homelessness. These include HUD CoC and state-funded FHPAP. HHW will add another layer of monitoring to help assure that the plan remains alive and on task throughout its ten year life. Such monitoring will assist us in making any adjustments to the plan to strengthen and target our efforts most effectively to end homelessness. It should be noted that all efforts will be made to coordinate our evaluation with other plans to end homelessness across the state to ensure that the impact is captured on a state-wide basis, and that we are able to measure our strategies based upon our performance in comparison with other regions. Please review our plans progress in the tables below. Please note:

  • Plan progress is updated as frequently as possible
  • Separate spreadsheets are available for each goal area in the plan. Scroll to the bottom to find all spreadsheets.